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EXIF Statistics

[zonoex url=”” title=”Usage of Nikkor Lenses 2005-2009″]Objektive0509.jpg[/zonoex]

Finally I got around writing a little sniplet to fetch some EXIF Statistics. By using the


Perl library this script is little more than a histogram generating filter. For those of you looking for something similar here are the most important code lines.

EyeTV & GeekTool » Show Scheduled Recordings

Ever since my new computer arrived, I’ve been using EyeTVs recording feature rather extensively. I’ve got so many scheduled recordings, that I started to lose track. That’s why I wrote this little script, to be used with GeekTool. This is what it looks like now:


ExZo & WordPress 2.1

While ExZo itself should work flawlessly with the new WordPress version (2.1), there are some changes to be observed when it comes to the daily workflow. I used the edit the wordpress/wp-admin/inline-uploading.php file to suit my picture uploading needs. With the new uploader this file does not exist anymore. We’ll have a quick look at what changes are needed now, to integrate ExZo in the uploader web interface.
[exzo url=”TMB_PERM” title=”ExZo & WordPress 2.1″ id=”195″]exzoandwp21.jpg[/exzo]

WordPress-Plugin: ExZo v0.4

The documentation for v0.4 of the ExZo plug-in. You will find the current version here. This page is kept for personal reference only.

WordPress-Plugin: Exifing

With all the setting up done, I could proceed an start with my first very own WordPress – Plugin: Exifing. With everything I’ve written so far, probably nobody will every want to download it, but I still consider it far more powerfull than any other EXIF – plugin currently available (at least for my camera).

Perl Code in PHP on a Tenon Server

Unfortunately there is no PHP-based way to access all EXIF-tags in an image. I couldn’t believe it, but neither the exif_read_data – function nor the exif.php was anywhere near complete or up-to-date. So I had to look for another way to extract the EXIF-tags I wanted. Back in the days I wrote a Perl-script for my Gallery (based on the Image::ExifTool module), it’s natural that I went looking for some way to use my Perl-Code in PHP.