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With all the setting up done, I could proceed an start with my first very own WordPress – Plugin: Exifing. With everything I’ve written so far, probably nobody will every want to download it, but I still consider it far more powerfull than any other EXIF – plugin currently available (at least for my camera).
Using the examples given by Zend Technology it’s easy to understand how you pass variables from PHP to the Perl instance and vice versa. Thus I was able to access any and all EXIF-tags that are available to me in Perl. I actually went ahead and modified
so that I can quickly access the neccessary code via the popup provided by wordpress. Currently the correct usage would be:
[exif url="" title="" id=""]image.jpg[/exif]
which would produce an output like this [exzo url=”https://blog.vimagic.de/2006/10/22/treffen-sich-zwei-lassen-revue-passieren/” title=”Gorgeous in Black&White” id=”image27″]treffensichzweipreview_smal.jpg[/exzo]
Update: Exifing will also be able to work with the .thumbnail.-Files the inline-uploading.php creates.

New Features

Since I needed a way to present panoramic images, I implemented a new feature into my Exifing plugin, that will enlarge the panoramic image to the window width (based on Lokesh Dhakar’s Lightbox):

[zoom title="" id=""]image.jpg[/zoom]
will produce an output like this:
[exzo url=”” title=”Klosterbibliothek in Wiblingen” id=”image97″]wieblingen.jpg[/exzo]
Notice: click image to enlarge.


Click here for the download (don’t get confused, Exifing is now called ExZo)

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    Prima, probier ich gleich mal aus bei meiner Testinstallation von WordPress.
    Kennst du http://www.geosetter.de fürs geotagging?

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    What I want to do on my blog, is every few hours take the oldest post and move it to the
    front of the queue, all automatically. Anyone know if there is a plugin that can do this or
    a simple way to set up another plugin to do this (use my own feed perhaps)?

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    Thanks in advance for this plugin. It looks GREAT. Can’t wait to download it.


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    Does anyone know the name of the wordpress plugin that creates a list of your posts in a category instead of just displaying them one after the other? I want it so that when someone clicks on a category they just get a list of posts from that category.

    I'm sure Ive seen one…and sifting through the WP site is a nightmare

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    here a the list of EXIF-tags from one of my pictures, that Exifing is able to retrieve:

    APP14Flags0: (none)
    APP14Flags1: (none)
    Aperture: 2.8
    ApertureValue: 2.8
    ApertureValue (1): 2.8
    ApplicationRecordVersion: 2
    BitsPerSample: 16, 16, 16
    BitsPerSample (1): 16 16 16
    CFAPattern: [Green,Red][Blue,Green]
    CMMFlags: Not Embedded, Independent
    CircleOfConfusion: 0.020 mm
    ColorMode: 1
    ColorSpace: Unknown (-1)
    ColorSpace (1): Uncalibrated
    ColorSpaceData: GRAY
    ColorTransform: Unknown (RGB or CMYK)
    Compression: Adobe Deflate
    Compression (1): JPEG (old-style)
    Compression (2): Adobe Deflate
    ConnectionSpaceIlluminant: 0.9642 1 0.82491
    Contrast: Normal
    Contrast (1): Normal
    CopyrightFlag: False
    CreateDate: 2006:10:26 19:40:41+02:00
    CreateDate (1): 2006:10:22 21:58:07
    CreatorTool: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
    CustomRendered: Normal
    CustomRendered (1): Normal
    DCTEncodeVersion: 100
    DateTimeDigitized: 2006:10:22 21:58:07.95+02:00
    DateTimeOriginal: 2006:10:22 21:58:07.95+02:00
    DateTimeOriginal (1): 2006:10:22 21:58:07
    DerivedFromDocumentID: uuid:53A5D21966B711DB8FACE0C4D2FF5D1F
    DerivedFromInstanceID: uuid:53A5D21966B711DB8FACE0C4D2FF5D1F
    DeviceAttributes: Reflective, Glossy, Positive, Color
    DeviceManufacturer: none
    DigitalZoomRatio: 1
    DigitalZoomRatio (1): 1
    Directory: wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2006/10
    DisplayedUnitsX: inches
    DisplayedUnitsY: inches
    DocumentID: uuid:53A5D21A66B711DB8FACE0C4D2FF5D1F
    EV: 6.6
    ExifImageHeight: 250
    ExifImageLength: 250
    ExifImageWidth: 400
    ExifImageWidth (1): 400
    ExifToolVersion: 6.42
    ExifVersion: 0221
    ExifVersion (1): 0221
    ExposureCompensation: 0
    ExposureCompensation (1): 0
    ExposureMode: Manual
    ExposureMode (1): Manual
    ExposureProgram: Manual
    ExposureProgram (1): Manual
    ExposureTime: 1/50
    ExposureTime (1): 1/50
    FNumber: 2.8
    FNumber (1): 2.8
    FileModifyDate: 2006:10:26 19:40:55
    FileName: treffensichzweipreview_smal.jpg
    FileSize: 49 kB
    FileSource: Digital Camera
    FileSource (1): Digital Camera
    FileType: JPEG
    Flash: No Flash
    FlashFired: False
    FlashFunction: False
    FlashMode: Unknown
    FlashRedEyeMode: False
    FlashReturn: No return detection
    FocalLength: 45.0mm
    FocalLength (1): 45.0mm
    FocalLength35efl: 45.0mm (35mm equivalent: 67.0mm)
    FocalLengthIn35mmFormat: 67
    FocalLengthIn35mmFormat (1): 67
    Format: image/jpeg
    GainControl: Low gain up
    GainControl (1): Low gain up
    GlobalAltitude: 30
    GlobalAngle: 30
    GrayTRC: SCALAR(0ó182cd54)
    HierarchicalKeywords: [Ķ]
    HyperfocalDistance: 35.84 m
    ICCProfile: Dot Gain 15%
    ISO: 400
    ISO (1): 400
    ImageHeight: 250
    ImageHeight (1): 1925
    ImageHeight (2): 1925
    ImageNumber: 5217
    ImageSize: 400ó250
    ImageWidth: 400
    ImageWidth (1): 3079
    ImageWidth (2): 3079
    InstanceID: uuid:53A5D21B66B711DB8FACE0C4D2FF5D1F
    JFIFVersion: 1.2
    Keywords: Treffen Sich Zwei
    LegacyIPTCDigest: 6344F148CF04D2C156D4ABCA9EBE1C55
    Lens: 17.0-55.0 mm f/2.8
    LensInfo: 17
    LightSource: Unknown (0)
    LightSource (1): Unknown (0)
    MIMEType: image/jpeg
    MaxApertureValue: 2.8
    MaxApertureValue (1): 2.8
    MediaBlackPoint: 0 0 0
    MediaWhitePoint: 0.9642 1 0.82491
    MetadataDate: 2006:10:26 19:40:41+02:00
    MeteringMode: Center-weighted average
    MeteringMode (1): Center-weighted average
    Model: NIKON D200
    Model (1): NIKON D200
    ModifyDate: 2006:10:26 19:40:41+02:00
    ModifyDate (1): 2006:10:26 19:40:41
    NativeDigest: [Ķ]
    NativeDigest (1): [Ķ]
    Orientation: Horizontal (normal)
    Orientation (1): Horizontal (normal)
    PhotometricInterpretation: RGB
    PhotometricInterpretation (1): RGB
    PhotoshopThumbnail: SCALAR(0ó188eedc)
    PlanarConfiguration: Chunky
    PlanarConfiguration (1): Chunky
    PrimaryPlatform: Apple Computer Inc.
    ProfileCMMType: ADBE
    ProfileClass: Output Device Profile
    ProfileConnectionSpace: XYZ
    ProfileCopyright: Copyright 1999 Adobe Systems Incorporated
    ProfileCreator: ADBE
    ProfileDateTime: 1999:06:03 00:00:00
    ProfileDescription: Dot Gain 15%
    ProfileFileSignature: acsp
    ProfileID: 0
    ProfileVersion: 2.1.0
    Rating: 5
    RenderingIntent: Media-Relative Colorimetric
    ResolutionUnit: inches
    ResolutionUnit (1): inches
    ResolutionUnit (2): inches
    ResolutionUnit (3): inches
    SamplesPerPixel: 3
    SamplesPerPixel (1): 3
    Saturation: Normal
    Saturation (1): Normal
    ScaleFactor35efl: 1.5
    SceneCaptureType: Standard
    SceneCaptureType (1): Standard
    SceneType: Directly photographed
    SceneType (1): Directly photographed
    SensingMethod: One-chip color area
    SensingMethod (1): One-chip color area
    Sharpness: Normal
    Sharpness (1): Normal
    ShutterSpeed: 1/50
    ShutterSpeedValue: 1/50
    ShutterSpeedValue (1): 1/50
    Software: Adobe Photoshop CS2 Macintosh
    SubSecDateTimeOriginal: 2006:10:22 21:58:07.95+02:00.95
    SubSecTimeDigitized: 95
    SubSecTimeOriginal: 95
    Subject: Treffen Sich Zwei
    SubjectDistanceRange: Unknown
    SubjectDistanceRange (1): Unknown (0)
    ThumbnailImage: SCALAR(0ó1877c28)
    ThumbnailLength: 2998
    ThumbnailOffset: 972
    Warning: Bad Photoshop IRB resource
    WhiteBalance: Auto
    WhiteBalance (1): Auto
    XResolution: 240
    XResolution (1): 240
    XResolution (2): 72
    XResolution (3): 240
    XResolution (4): 240
    YResolution: 240
    YResolution (1): 240
    YResolution (2): 72
    YResolution (3): 240
    YResolution (4): 240

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