EXIF Statistics

Title   Usage of Nikkor Lenses 2005-2009
Click to enlarge pictureUsage of Nikkor Lenses 2005-2009
Usage of Nikkor Lenses 2005-2009
picture by tmb  

Finally I got around writing a little sniplet to fetch some EXIF Statistics. By using the
Perl library this script is little more than a histogram generating filter. For those of you looking for something similar here are the most important code lines.

foreach(@AllPics)	{
	my $EXIF = $exifTool->ImageInfo($_);
	if(defined $$EXIF{$EXIF_key})	{

The loop above will generate the histogram. For fetching the images I use this little routine:
sub GetAllInSub {
	my $dir = shift;
	opendir DIR, $dir or return;
	my @contents = map "$dir/$_", sort grep !/^\.\.?$/, readdir DIR;
	closedir DIR;
	foreach (@contents) {
		if($_=~m/^.*?[NEF,JPG]$/)	{

Dropping the generated results into Numbers (or such), you can generate all the graphics you like. Below you can see the focal lengths I used in the last 4 years.

Title   Focal Lengths (in 35mm equiv.) 2005-2009
Click to enlarge pictureFocal Lengths (in 35mm equiv.) 2005-2009
Focal Lengths (in 35mm equiv.) 2005-2009
picture by tmb