One Day in Paris

We had 16h in Paris this Saturday that we spent on the Paris Air Show (for business and pleasure), at the Jazz Festival in Parc de Floral (excellent concert by Malted Milk), with some wine tasting at Le Baron Rouge (yummy) and sight seeing and of course (Notre-Dame) and finally on a bateaux mouches dinner cruise on the Seine. That covered about all the facets of Paris in a company sponsored time laps.

Paris Air Show 2013

[exzo url=”” title=”Them Russians sure are training them young”]pas_0002.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Uhm…yeah.”]pas_0003.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Trouble with your neighbors?”]pas_0004.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Big engine…”]pas_0005.jpg[/exzo]

Jazz Festival in Parc de Floral

[exzo url=”” title=”Properly named flower park”]pas_0006.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Excellent concert of Malted Milk”]pas_0007.jpg[/exzo]

Wine Tasting at Le Baron Rouge

[exzo url=”” title=”Happy at Le Baron Rouge”]pas_0008.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Bring your bottle to be filled”]pas_0009.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Le Baron Rouge bar”]pas_0010.jpg[/exzo]

Notre-Dame sightseeing

[exzo url=”” title=””]pas_0011.jpg[/exzo]

Bateaux Mouches Dinner Cruise

[exzo url=”” title=””]pas_0012.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=””]pas_0013.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Copyright Tour Eiffel – Illuminations Pierre Bideau”]pas_0014.jpg[/exzo]

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