Ein kleiner Fotobericht vom dritte Gruppenwochenende.

[exzo url=”” title=”Walking the »Höllental Klamm«”]Zugspitze_001.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”It’s rather wet down there.”]Zugspitze_002.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Smile!”]Zugspitze_003.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”The »Zugspitze« is hiding behind the clouds.”]Zugspitze_004.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”A quick break at the »Höllental-Anger-Hütte«”]Zugspitze_005.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Headed for the first via ferrata (»Leiter & Brett«)”]Zugspitze_006.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”after 4h hiking we’re almost at the point where one can almost see where we want to go”]Zugspitze_007.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Moraine and glacier and the final via ferrata (an the top still in the clouds)”]Zugspitze_008.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Posing for mom”]Zugspitze_009.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”almost at the top”]Zugspitze_010.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”happy mountaineers”]Zugspitze_011.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”sky high”]Zugspitze_012.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Smile!”]Zugspitze_013.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”One for the ones left home!”]Zugspitze_014.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”enjoying the calm on top of the world”]Zugspitze_015.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Happy mountaineers”]Zugspitze_016.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”PaparAnne”]Zugspitze_017.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”the nightly Alpenglow”]Zugspitze_018.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”the next day”]Zugspitze_019.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”headed for the »5 Gipfel Klettersteig«”]Zugspitze_020.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”cotton gras (neither for cloths nor smoking)”]Zugspitze_021.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”guckguck”]Zugspitze_022.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”final meters”]Zugspitze_023.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”spider pig :p”]Zugspitze_024.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”before »Jägermeister«”]Zugspitze_025.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”King of the World”]Zugspitze_026.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Leaving a message”]Zugspitze_027.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”After »Jägermeister« … mooooh!”]Zugspitze_028.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Headed home”]Zugspitze_029.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Nothing like a good herbal liquor and some milk (ewh!) and some »Käs-Spätzle« after a good day in the mountains”]Zugspitze_030.jpg[/exzo]