[EVE] 10Mill SP & 1.5Bill ISK

Half a year ago I started on my second attempt at commanding Internet spaceships in New Eden. What seemed like an unreachable goal then turned reality early this year. My character just breached 10.000.000 skill points and has the still unbelievable account balance of 1.500.000.000 ISK. Here’s the current EVEMon skill chart:

[zonoex url=”” title=””]skillpie200901.jpg[/zonoex]

Guess it’s a common Amarr mission runners profile. The current training plan for 2010 includes:

  • marauders (after finishing T2 large guns, the next step for a dedicated mission runner)
  • capital readiness (don’t know if I’ll actually spend the money for the Capital Ships books)
  • improved high-velocity helmsman certificate
  • standard cartographer certificate
  • strategic cruisers

Adding the needed training time for handling the equipment that goes with the Revelation dreadnought, the above adds to about 300d worth of training (including pushing some learning skills to IV/V). Accounting for the fact that there’s always some other skill in immediate demand in between, I’m pretty much set for 2010.

Save Jumping!

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  1. #77603

    Profiles gives a statergic report that gives a detail submission of maraudrs.

  2. Andrew

    Fascinating 🙂 just stumbled across your site through old fashioned surfing and following links and read the first few lines and thought I was reading a completely different language!! After re-reading several times I still have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    Why is it fascinating? well it is very unusual to come across a topic that I have no frame of reference for, but the person writing has a huge passion for.