[Nike+] September Beginners Challenge

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  1. Koalalou

    tmb I hope you are doing an October Challenge and could I be included as I seem to be back up to speed.

  2. #24870

    Hey TMB have you started an Oct challenge? I love our challenges….by the way I changed my name to I am winning – more motivation for me. If you have started an Oct challenge please send me an invite!!

  3. snapper

    What a summer. I just got back into things. First registered run today. I hope to make a run at October challenge.

  4. #23509

    Hi tmb…
    I’m back again 🙂
    I was so busy that I’ve runned 0 miles in august!!
    And so in september…
    But in Saturday I’ve bought the new iPod Nano 3gen, so, why don’t try it today? 🙂
    And that’s all… my first 5 Km after 1 month and 1/2 of sitting!

    ..and I have to say goodbye to my good old nike armband… the new nano doesn’t fit!

  5. #23275

    How I can participate? They are a Nike runner (‘Adriola’).


  6. #22998

    I am still gonna keep my miles up but I should not be over the weekly amount by much. I decided I want to do the Nike+ 1/2 half marathon next month. If you need to bump me I understand but I would love to stay with you guys for a few more months. My run this weekend has inspired my daughter(she is 11) to try to run one with me later and a couple of my friends as well. It was an awesome experience and I believe I am going to try a full MArathon in April 2008!!

  7. Ladyaudrey

    I’ll be cutting back my daily miles, now. That will make all of us smile, for sure.

  8. Grieser

    I too am training for a half marathon in Mid October and my later September training will put me over the weekly limit, but only by a couple of miles per week.

    I really do appreciate this challenge and like to see how many people join and are encouraged to see the progress. One thought though, it is disheartening to see that the top 5 runners are “invincible” because they are training for a half marathon. The competitor in me is disappointed because I fully admit I am at the top end of the “beginners” group and if they weren’t there I could make it to the top 5!

    How about next time these “invisibles” start their own challenge. Same result, except the other 200 people in the challenge won’t have to scroll to the 3rd page to see the non-marathoner’s results for the month.

  9. Ruiner

    Hi tmb,
    I would also like to join the IL if possible, I have been in this group since May and have now started to increase my mileage ( Half Marathon not until November 18th but what the hell! ). I did 45k last week & already 25 this, it’s fine if this is too much as I expected “the elbow” this month anyhoo. ( Although I shall miss you all terribly! )

    Thanks for all your efforts as I have never said it before, I will agree with other posters in saying this is the best challenge I am or have been in.

    Cheers fella

  10. don

    It stands for: Too Much Booze

  11. Ladyaudrey

    I do seem to be somewhere between your definition of beginner and intermediate, slightly stronger than a beginner but no where close to intermediate. Nike+ nana land. I do appreciate the opportunity to stay. Now if I could just figure out your tables…

  12. #22100

    just a couple quick answer while digesting the lunch:

    @steveinkc: LOL – i liked the »touch my bum« version, but it should probably be more like »too much bum« 😉

    @Ladyaudrey: Over the past few months we had quite a few discussions on what a beginner is. At some point I fixed 20mi for no reason at all. It used to be 20k before, but some runners got past that on their first week running. The intermeds run something in the area of 50-70k per week, so there’s still some room here and hence the new invincible list. I actually might increase the weekly cap to 40k next month. We’ll see how things go along. For me the basic idea is motivation. It’s a fine line between appealing to many runners while NOT loosing the 10k per month runners.
    So if you feel like you belong here and are willing to go by the rules, you qualify as a beginner if you ask me.

  13. Ladyaudrey

    TMB, my average daily run from August 1 to today is 3.44 miles, but I have been steadily increasing my distance. I tend to go 3-4 miles per day, but every so often I go farther when distracted by a companion. I don’t seem to be in danger of leading the standings, but I am likely to go over the 32k/week limit. My pace has been steadily increasing, but I’m still a slug with a personal goal of 10 runs/month at less than 14:20/mile. I’ll never be a runner. So tell me please, what’s a beginner?

  14. chelsea1968

    hi TMB,

    Must be a popular month for half marathons, I have the Great North Run here in good old england at end of month and my next 2/3 weeks will see my mileage ramp up before scaling down ready for the 30th. If I am crazily over feel free to “boot me” as I don’t want to be a negative to other beginners, as I know how frustrating that can be. Cheers for organising this and as many of the other posts say, this really has been such a motivator and by far the “best” challenge.


  15. mawz76

    Hi tmb,

    I would like to ask to be placed on the invicible list. I am doing about 20-25 miles a week to prepare for the Nike+ Womens Half Marathon next month. Also I am going to be logging about 18 miles from yesterday and today because I was ill earlier this week and did not run. Then my week begins tomorrow (monday) all over again. So that will put me over the limit before the first week is over.

    I hope you will consider letting me continue on. Thanks!


  16. #22029

    plase add me to your run, since I didn’t notice my name on it though.

  17. #22028

    I am new in this run. I hope I am added, because my PC broke donw and I share my husbands (bosstjanz). It’s nice and motivating to run with others around the world.

    Maybe we (bosstjanz and saska) will have few shots, but of 10k instead of more of 5k, because we have no time to run more times.

    And yes, I am laso interested what tmb means…

  18. steveinkc


    I’ll let you decide if I’m a beginner or not still. I have been participating in your challenges since May. I didn’t get an invite last month so I assumed you no longer considered me a beginner. I enjoy your challenges because you boot the non-beginners like that Italian guy that runs 6 minute miles and joins every challenge. I don’t want to be the guy that discourages the brand new beginners because they can’t catch him.

    I began running again in March after 5 years of being a couch potato. (I accumulated a lot of butter and sour cream during those 5 years.) I’m very motivated and have made great progress. I am training for an Oct. 21 Marathon so I will have two monster runs this month in addition to my weekly miles, which will exceed 25.

    I’m not trying to be a boot licker but these challenges have been good motivation for me over the past months and I would not be doing the miles I am today if I hadn’t had that motivation in May and June (was injured in July). Maybe I can be motivation for other beginners. If I can go from over-weight lazy couch potato to a marathon runner in 7 months at the age of 41, anyone should be able to. Thanks for the great challenges. I hope you’ll consider my plea.

    What does TMB stand for? Too Many Beers? Touch My Bum? Just Curious.

  19. AimeeG

    I am training for a half marathon which takes place on 21 Oct. I am thinking this will be my last month for the awesome beginners challenge. I might rejoin in November when my mileage will go down a bit. If I could be considered for your special list, that would be swell. Thanks! 🙂

  20. echojuliet

    Hi tmb.
    Thanks again for all the time/effort you put into these challenges, notwithstanding all your other activities.
    I won’t be joining you guys for the half-marathon or even the 10K as I’m still recovering from the stress fracture in my foot ‘earned’ during July’s challenge. Gotta take things a bit slower this month or my physio bills will drain my bank account completely!
    Good luck with the half-M if you decide to upgrade.

  21. #21945

    @bela1931: hey bela, I most certainly remember your foot injury. It’s so good to hear you are not only healed but catching up with your training as well. Good luck to your »scary« 13k. Be sure to train well so them ghost won’t catch you 😉

  22. bbbela1931

    HI tmb!

    I can’t remember what the cap is these days, so I thought I’d better write you just in case. I’m preparing for a 13k on 10/27, and my training plan requires 11-14 miles/ week. This will be my first race that’s longer than a 5k. I’m very excited =) The run takes place at Disney/MGM on a night very close to Halloween. The run has a scary theme, and will end at the Twilight Zone’s Tower of Terror. Maybe you remember that I disappeared for a while in June/ July due to a foot injury.. we’ll I’m finally catching up to where I left off. Yay!
    Good luck with your Einstein Run, and thanks for setting up/ inviting me into the September Challenge.



  23. jasoutside

    Top five ahhhh!

    And I am already behind! All right I’ll give it a shot, man you are killing me TMB!

    I better stop yappin and go for a run…


  24. #21925

    @gizzimo156: excellent stuff! good luck on your training for the half marathon! I added you to the IL – so kick in!

  25. #21896

    TMB – on Sept 8, I am running a 1/2 marathon..am I going to go over the weekly and if I do am I going to be booted out of the group. I think I have been avg about 15K a week before the last two weeks and I have been running about 25k to train for next Sat. Please let me know if this is going to get me booted. After I run next Sat I will probably go back down to 15 – 20K a week.


  26. Melanie

    thanks for creating the IL…. much appreciated 🙂 happy training, and good luck in your marathon 🙂 cheers, Mel

  27. #21877

    @Runner Bob: sorry mate – haven’t seen you in any of my challenges before. what’s your expected milage for this month?

    @jasoutside: no worries, I’ve added you. This comes with a responsibility to finish top5 though 😉

  28. Runner Bob

    Beginninng spring training for 1st Marathon!

  29. jasoutside

    Hey TMB,

    Can you set me up on your new list. I have been looking into a few races late Sep into Oct and I would really like to increase my mileage. Especially since the guilt of my lazy behavior in Aug is getting to me. I am thinking that I might just barely go over your standard distance (maybe a bunch, depending on my motivation) but I wanted to ask all the same.

    Cheers Man!


  30. #21840

    welcome back tmb…at this point i would be thrilled (almost) to haul myself around far enough on a weekly basis to get kicked UP the challenge ladder. thanks for all the organization:)

  31. #21770

    Just a quick note for everyone about the new and shiny Invincible List:
    As mentioned before some of us are training for the Einstein Marathon (running either 10k or 21k). Others like Mel have been running with us and increased their milage slowly beyond the weekly limit. Now most of those still wouldn’t make the intermed challenges, so here’s the grey zone in between!
    If you have been running with us for a while and want to increase your milage you may ask nicely to be exempt from kicking (post comment here, so it’s public). This will be decided on a personal basis given you provided adequate reasons.
    Don’t get me wrong: this is still a beginners challenge. Mainly to keep off those confused pros killing beginners for sport. I also reserve the right to take anyone off the IL again (remember: in these challenges I am root and god combined ;). I just don’t want to hinder anyone that’s been with us for months to progress. So here it is, I’m open for discussion!

    ps: The list may get renamed into something like »intermed-aspirant-list« as soon as I have something that sounds decent and official enough 😉

  32. Tango Juliet

    Thanks tmb
    I was very pleased to be invited for September! It really helps with the motivation.

  33. #21404

    yeah sorry about that. I had a list of 250ppl that applied for august, but just didn’t have the time to set things up. now with the new challenge system maintenance is a bit easier so we are back on track!

  34. jasoutside

    Welcome back TMB!

    Man, I didn’t realize how much help these challenges were until I didn’t get in on the August challenge. I completely fell off the wagon! I feel like such a slacker!

    Game on for September!

    Cheers, jasoutside

  35. #21388

    Welcome back ya all! This month will be exciting – on Sep.16th is the Einstein Marathon and I signed up for a 10k run, but might actually upgrade to the half marathon. let’s see how the training progresses! wish me luck!