[Nike+] August Beginners Challenge

NOTE: I’ll be gone half the month, so expect no magic between Aug.5 and Aug.26

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  1. Melanie

    thanks for adding me! you’re the best!

  2. #21531

    i wasn’t going to add anyone, but I made an exception for you two ; )

    @Melanie wow – indeed a good month! congrats!!!

  3. Melanie

    can u still add me to August, i know you were gone for much of the month, but i had a decent one, and requested on the 5th… i’ve gotten your invite for Sept already…. cheers, Melanie username is m0mmymel. thanks.

  4. #21496

    Hey TMB,

    Still waiting for you to add me to August and would love to be part of Sept. as well.



  5. #21374

    Hey ya all,

    well I’m back on track. Did my first run last night and am getting around to some maintenance with these challenges. I invites everyone (who uploaded at least one run) from this month to the September Challenge. I also added the limit-indication (greyed out names) which I’ve forgotten before I went on holidays. Of course I won’t kick anyone now that the month is almost over.

    Let’s get back to running (ok, I’m talking to myself 😉

  6. Rigsby

    Have you started taking runners for September? If so I’d love to be part of it!

    I’m finally starting to feel like a runner – but guessing I’ll be on something like 25km a week so still in the beginners category.