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  1. #15169

    that post was hilarious – i wish you had posted it to the blog for everyone to read. a couple quick answers though, before you go pouting about:

    1.) i’ve been doing these challenges for a while now. and most people from april, may and june are coming back each month, because I *do* not only play by the rules, but enforce them as well.

    2.) had you read the blog posts you would have know, that the limit is indeed 32k+1k. in may we had someone running 32.001k in the first week. was i supposed to kick? no – I exercised a bit of charity and decided that with 32k being the cap, we might as well have another k buffer for people to land in. it’s been like that for 3months now. it’s been expressed before and had you paid attention, you might have noticed that I wasn’t the first to hit 32+eps km without being kicked.

    3.) lets have another look at the history of my monthly standings:
         – June: 286th
         – May: 29th
         – April: 12th

    yeah – I’m kicking everyone that’s giving me competition – rigourously – no exceptions … LOL ! BTW, I don’t expect to be in the top10 this month either. For me it doesn’t really matter (or would I keep doing organising these challenges just to continuously »loose«), it’s for fun. as stated numerous times, I’m doing other sports and only run to stay in shape for my mountaineering. Winning or not: I’ll be running 120k this month! HOAH!

    4.) one final [more serious] note: I’m sorry if you feel like I wronged you in some way. you exceeded the limit and that’s it. a simple “sry, ya all – I was put on new drugs but it won’t happen again next week” would have been sufficient – that is – any explanation why I should have kept you in the challenge would have done the trick. But honestly, don’t you think this challenge is a bit below you? you seem to have exceeded the limit easily (within 3 days) – hence it’s save to assume you could run even more in the next 4 days before the first week is over. Don’t you think you are better of in some challenge for more experienced runners?

    5.) you did read the part in the challenge description, where it says “if you want to win this, you are wrong here”? just making sure…

    all that said, I think I’ll actually do post all of this to the blog. it might answer some question other might have as well.

    ps: in all honesty – I am open to any criticism. so do feel free to express yourself. I know the leader gets flamed in each competition… just bring it on!

  2. anonymous (name taken offline)

    Hey…it’s not nice to boot everyone who’s beating you in a challenge out of it. According to guidelines all challengers are supposed to be under 32K a week, and you’re at 32.949. I was barely over with 33 something and you kicked me out? I understand if I had run a significant amount more than everyone else, but I definitly didn’t. I’m not posting this on the blog page because I don’t think you should remove yourself from your own challenge…it would be nice though if you played by the same rules you want me too and enjoy a little healthy competition instead of removing anyone who’s beating you. Is it really winning if you remove the only people from it who give you any competition?

  3. bcat

    Can I join?

  4. Hartanta

    Please add me to the July Challenge.


  5. #15093

    WHOOOHOOO – anybody dare to pass me? remember not to breach 33ks :p

  6. AAnders Damkjaer

    I would like ti join the Juli challange, nike ID AndersD – after I started This Nike running thing i udually do 10 – 15 Km a week

  7. up country

    I would like to sign up. I just started running after a six month break I hope to run 15 mile per week.
    I need to stay motivated.

  8. Kevin Flemming

    I would like to do the July challenge. I did the May and June and moved from 50% to about 20%. My weekly average is about 10-12 miles right now. I’m trying to consolidate there before adding more volume. My Nike+ id is kevinf59.

  9. chelsea1968

    hi heyleyla this is mark from uk, also heading down from 270lbs currently at 200lbs, keep going with the running !!

  10. #15007

    @Brett: this is a most distance challenge for Novices / Beginners. Hence there’s a 20mi / 32k weekly cap. For more details see the complete description.

    @LiveFree777: thanks for the feedback. you might want to read all of this and this – just so you know we’ve been over all of this… a brief summery:
    1.) this challenge is a motivational challenge for novices & beginners*
    2.) strong runners don’t motivate weak runners – at least not the majority of whining beginners.
    3.) you may notice, that the cap used to be 25k per week – it got raised last month to bridge the gap to lower intermediates. I will not raise it any further this month.
    4.) this challenge is NOT supposed to keep you from running. you said yourself, that you are in plenty other challenges that motivate you. by all means: keep running! I will promote you out of here, to keep the peace with in this challenge. One beginner (Mckeywest) dropped out already because he was intimidated by the strong runners among us (see here). Obviously you are a stronger runner than you though when you applied. There’s plenty intermed challenges out there. Run all you’ve got there.

    hope this clears things up a bit

    *) anyone running less than 32k per week

  11. LiveFree777

    I think all beginners with less than 100 miles at the start of the challenge should not be kicked out. Take me for example: I ran 80 miles total in 7 months. I found several challenges and I feel motivated like never before. I already ran 18 miles this month. This is great and it should not be discouraged.

  12. Brett

    Im not really clear on what the July challenge is. If its total miles within the month or what? I would like to join though. I recently started running again after a 12 year hiatus. I have been averaging between 10 to 12 miles a week.

  13. #14889

    hey Andre,
    hab den @web.de Platz rausgeschmissen und Dich neu eingeladen. Sry wegen der Verwirrung. Bei Anmeldungen hier nehme ich immer die E-Mail, da die meisten nicht den richtigen Nike+ Namen angeben. Hoffe das es jetzt klappt 🙂

  14. .andre.

    hallo tmb,
    hat irgendwie nicht funktioniert. Mein Name in Nike ist .andre. (also mit punkt davor und danach). Ich hatte zuletzt die web.de adresse angegeben, bei nike bin ich aber mit t-online dabei ([ZENSIERT]) – Kannst Du es nochmal probieren mich einzuladen? Danke

  15. #14882

    I want to join the July runs if there is still room – I am working my way up to a half marathon in Sept and I just started running after about 10 years – I run an avg of 5k a day atleast 4X a week.

  16. short-e

    hey please can i join

    short-e is my nike ID

    15 miles is my weekly average.

  17. #14814

    REMEMBER to post your weekly averages when applying!

  18. #14791

    Hey sign me up for July. Trying to lose weight to kill my diabetes.

    Running with Jimmy Buffet music,

    Michael D’Amico
    Membership director for the best running club in Ohio

  19. #14789

    Hey everyone! I’m a 33 yr old female on my way down from 270 lbs, currently at 215 lbs. This challenge is so motivating to me, I love seeing my ID up there. It’s great to watch all those miles we’re adding up!

  20. #14782

    I would love to join the July Challenge. username speedclimb. I have my new Mizuno Wave Creation 8 so watch out world, I might make 30th place this time.

  21. Unsquashable

    Please sign me up!

  22. #14772

    Servus Andre, klare Sache – Einladung ist schon weg.

  23. .andre.

    hallo tmb,

    bitte berücksichtige mich doch auch wieder im Juli – Danke für den Wettbewerb


  24. Originasia

    Please add me too, Originasia

  25. Scot

    I would like to join the fun for July. NikeId is BoomChagalaga.

  26. #14741

    thanks for the feedback – that’s one thing that keeps me motivated to spend time with these super challenges!

  27. echojuliet

    @tmb: Dude! With a 120km this month, you’ll really be pushing the limits. I have some doubts about being able to find enough time to plough through quite that many Ks but when you throw down the gauntlet like that,… a dude’s gotta try.
    @ElinR: which is exactly the point, ElinR; you’re right on. This whole Nike+ thing, in conjunction with people like tmb who are willing to dedicate their time and put their skills to work to create great sites like this one, gives you that extra spark of inspiration that gets one up off one’s behind and gets one out there, regardless of how fast or slow one goes. After all, Nike has been saying it for years: Just Do It.

    Great running to one and all.

  28. ElinR

    The May and June challenges put me through my first training program EVER!!! I’m still not very fast, but at least I get out there and that’s the point. Please sign me up for the July challenge as well. It will be extra challenging as I will be traveling a bit this month, but there will also be lots of new trails to discover for me. Thanks!

  29. #14712

    @Daxoo: great to have you back in July as well. To your question: I guess when it comes to running in these challenges I’m not  not resentful. My monthly running distance varies greatly (40k in March, 87k in April, 100k in May, 56k in June). Some of those who reapplied said they wouldn’t be running as much this month. Other said, they would like to participate for as long as they are within the limits. To my mind everyone is welcome, as long as they don’t mind to be “promoted out of here” if they are too strong a runner.

    By the way: my goal this month is 120k – so beware everyone 🙂

  30. Thomas 44

    I would like to sign this up please!!!

  31. Daxoo

    One simple question?

    When you get Kicked non-beginners from last challenge, do you accept them for the next challenge? I see some name in the July beginners challenge who where Kicked in the June beginners challenge.


    Keep going this wonderful website.

  32. #14640

    excellent – I’m glad that everything got sorted out! lets get back to running (well actually I’m off to bed, but you know what I mean 😉

  33. smirknsmile

    It seems the reason my runs weren’t showing up in the challenge is because my computer date was set wrong so everything for today loaded under 6/29 instead. Thanks TMB…the problem should be corrected now. Happy Running!

  34. Gony Maione

    Please can I join the July challenge? My Nike ID is tafyobmils. Thanks!!!

  35. #14622

    @Blokeshead: that’s why we do these challenges. it’s going to be great this month!
    @smirknsmile: which subchallenge are you in? are they showing up on the nike+ website?

  36. smirknsmile

    Hey…just wondering why my run from this afternoon isn’t showing up on here. Am I missing a step somewhere? Thanks!

  37. #14613

    “I bet you can figure it out by yourself, but it just ain’t July”

    Well, I can now, yes! But I deliberately left my Friday run until Saturday because I thought it was July 1st! It wasn’t until I realised everyone on here was still on zero that I realised it was still June. That’s what being on holiday does for you. BUT…. you made me get off my butt today too, and God only knows when I last ran two days running. It was 1990-something! So thanks…. I guess! ;O)

  38. Sarah


    I’d like to join please, thanks!

  39. #14569

    that’s what I call dedication and motivation – Hoah! Keep it up! I’ll try to catch you 2night. Already did a morning run, but given that ppl are rather anxious this month I guess I have to log another run once it cooled down a bit.

  40. Mr_Rasheed

    Hello everyone. I’m slow, but consistent. Pulling 315lbs around. Gotta get those washboard abs at a weight of about 230 to 245lbs. Good luck to everyone!

  41. Andy_L1978

    Hey there sign me again for this month please it gave me a real boost to get my but in gear!!!



  42. #14558

    hey you two – invites went out!

  43. Lucy

    Can I have an invite please,


  44. david

    can you add me please mossy41

  45. #14473

    I would like to be added please, Shantaram is my nikeid

  46. #14461

    Hey mate,
    I bet you can figure it out by yourself, but it just ain’t July yet 😉 Try to see it that way: it was you best run YET, I’m sure by the end of July you’ll be smiling at what you considered a good run today.

  47. #14457

    Paula Radcliffe just told me that today’s run (about 18.00 CET) was my best ever! Please don’t tell me it won’t be included!

  48. Joe Napoleon

    I would like to enter this please.

  49. #14455

    hey joanne,
    sure thing! invite went out. Welcome!

  50. joanne chadwick

    i would like to enter this please!