[Nike+] July Beginners Challenge

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    Totally agree! Nike+ give me support on getting more and more km’s. As I wrote in August comments, I won’t compete any more, because…. http://blog.vimagic.de/2007/07/24/august-beginners-challenge/#comment-18264

    But still let’s run together no matter where you are. As I said, I have luck to have more time to run. That’s why I went into grey area.

    I don’t know who actually “win” this challenge: is it Dennis L. , kpb704 or all, who ran over 50km’s and try much more harder!

    Keep good work and see you in August challenge.

  2. echojuliet

    Well done on reaching your goal, Zolla. Like you, I didn’t think I could get to 120km a month either, but these challenges certainly add that extra motivation that is sometimes needed.
    I see your point about the cap being exceeded, especially this week. tmb was right to allow a 1km ‘landing zone’ at the cap, so that the 128km cap at week 4 means that you can do somewhere between 128 and 129kms, simply so that you don’t have to stop running midstride just to avoid going over the cap. Clearly, however, some people have really exaggerated. These last three days of July can be looked at as a new week, so you can do another 32km maximum, taking the total allowed to 160kms, 161kms with the landing zone included. 169kms and 188kms are clearly over-stepping the mark. But hey, who cares. As tmb stated at the very beginning of this challenge, “if you’ve come here to ‘win’ this challenge, you’ve come to the wrong place”. And that’s right.
    These challenges are about motivating us to go beyond what we, as individuals, thought we could acheive, which is especially important for a beginner. You did that, so you can be very proud.
    How far and how fast you go are only secondary to the fact that you simply get your Nikes on, get out there and go.
    Congratulations to all of you who reached your goals this month and thanks to tmb for all your work and for hosting such a great site.

  3. Zolla

    My goal was to reach 120km/month and this challenge helped me a lot giving me motivation to run.
    But in the last 2 weeks the cap has gone, and even if I’ve ever tried to land in the cap correctly, there always was someone on the top over the weekly cap.
    I don’t care about this ’cause I’ve reached my goal (and I’ve never thought that I’m able to run 20 miles/week)!
    I only feel a little demotivated about this..
    Just my 2 cents, this page is a great work, much better than the flash pages in nike+ challenge (thanks tmb), but I also think everyone has a life to live so.. who cares 🙂

  4. echojuliet

    Are we counting the last three days, 29/07 – 31/07, as a whole week, in which the max is 32 km? Thus one could finish with a maximum of 160km?

  5. chelsea1968

    hi tmb please sign me up for august

  6. mark

    hi tmb please include me again, these challenges are such a motivator, being honest i will be on the limit of 130km for the month. Cheers Mark (Chelsea1968)

  7. Rigsby

    Getting back into this after a holiday and a broken toe ruined my ambitions of being kicked off the beginners in July!

    Is there going to be an August challenge, I notice a lot of imitators, but no tmb challenge on the Nike+ site.

  8. Juliet

    Please could you sign me up for July, if it is not too late?
    Nike id: Tango Juliet
    I’m still really new to all this, so it’s difficult to estimate an expected weekly average — I hope to do more than 16 km/week.
    Thank you kindly

  9. allisonjune88

    Can I join? Is it okay if I run over twenty miles a week to catch up? Thanks. My Nike ID is allisonjune88.

  10. Johanna

    If it is not too late I would like to sign up for July and August. I will be walking, but plan on doing 12 to 15 miles weekly. Thanks!

  11. ChristinaS

    I would like to join the August beginner’s challenge. I have been running 10-18 miles per week for the past few months.

  12. Tango Juliet

    Can I join please? Nike id: Tango Juliet.
    Thank you kindly!

  13. #16525

    An invite would be great. Kind off fell off the track after the marathon but I’m back in black, baby!

  14. #16336

    Please signup Gryhound. I’m just starting running again after 15 years off.

  15. Steve

    Hello. I was given my I POD as well as the Nike sports pack for fathers day and have been running on average 6-10 miles per weeks since then. I love it.. Anyway I could use any motivation I could get so if possible I would like to join your challenge. This is my first challenge so I’m not 100% sure of the whole process.

  16. Jessica

    Thanks tmb

  17. Ryan

    I just started running a week ago, and tonight (11 Jul) with the Nike+iPod. I am about 1.0 to 1.5 miles a day, shooting for 3 miles a day by September. Please add me to this group.

  18. Dennis


    i want to participate. Please add me to the contest. THX a lot.

  19. #15872

    take it easy than – there’s no need to delay the healing for this.

  20. Karen

    Great to be back, have been putting off running due to knee injury, well, will do some slow running for now!

  21. #15821

    Hey Jessica, all you have to do is make your profile public. When logged into the Nike+ system, click on “Edit” beneath your ID in the upper left and select the appropriate option there.

  22. Jessica


    How can I get the arrow that list my last run next to my screen name?


    Nike id: librarian

  23. #15762

    Hey Karen, I’ve been wondering whether you dropped off the planet. Great to have you back!

  24. Angie

    Hi. may I please join this. Im totaly new to this and this challenge sound like the motivation I need. My goal is 5 miles a week minimum. Maybe I’ll get to 8 miles by august.

    Nike+ID CrimsonLycan

  25. Karen

    Hi, hope it’s not too late to join! BTW, nice run for you, tmb!

    ID: karen_ng

  26. #15625

    hey jessica,
    no worries – I sent you yet another invite. if it’s not there, double check your Spam filter. otherwise just log into the Nike+ system. you should see a pending challenge there.

  27. Jessica

    Hi tmb,

    I’m sorry to be such a newbie but I haven’t received the new invite.

    Thanks again!

    Nike Id: librarian

  28. #15596

    hey jessica, sent you another invite. hope things are working out better now! welcome back 😉

  29. Jessica

    I’m sorry can you sign me up again. I’m new to the program and clicked withdraw on accident.

    Nike id: librarian

    Thanks, Jessica

  30. Cenk

    Would like to join!
    My Nike ID: yuexexes


  31. Jessica

    I would like to join the July challenge.

    my nike+ id is librarian

  32. Pat_UK

    tmb – I appreciate what you’re doing here, and I suspect most other participants do too. Keep up the good work! I may be getting close to exceeding the limit and getting kicked myself, but that’s OK, and if it happens I will understand why.

  33. BQJ

    I may need to be kicked from this challenge. I just started running 6 weeks ago (98.14 mi so far since 5/25). I’ve been running with the dog and gradually increasing from mostly walking 3 miles – to today we (the dog and I) actually ran the whole 3 miles and I felt great. (The dog was pretty good, too!!!) If I didn’t have the dog with me, I’m sure I would have run at least another mile or so. I honestly felt like a “beginner” and didn’t think I would be running more than 20 miles/week when I signed up for this challenge. I’m pretty sure that I will definitely be over that mileage cap by the end of July. It certainly is not my intent to “blow away” the competition. If anything – keep on running guys and gals!! I absolutely HATED running for the pure sport of it until I got the Nike+ sport kit as a surprise gift. I thought it would just be fun to see how far I could walk the dog and burn calories…. but once I saw that average pace the competetive spirit kicked in. There was no way I was going to post a 17 minute average pace on a site dedicated to RUNNING!! Perhaps your next challenge should be worded that the individual should be working toward a goal of 20 miles/week by the end of the 4 week challenge. I’m ready to do some real training, I thought I was going to be a “casual” runner. I’VE GOT THE BUG!!.

    If you don’t mind, perhaps I could run one more week and then we can decide? I easily ran 32 K this week.
    Beth J. aka BQJ

  34. Ryan

    Please sign me up. I expect to be about 10-15 miles per week. Thanks!

  35. GeckGamer

    Shesh, why do people always complain about getting kicked, or about others not getting kicked? Just have fun ppl! Heh, wish I was good enough to get kicked. Well, actually I just wish I was good enough to improve my other sport (sport climbing). But having fun and getting motivated is what matters most.

    Great work organizing these challenges tmb, and cool alpine pics!

  36. #15317

    thanks for the feedback and congrats on beating that distance record – HOAH!

  37. #15292

    So, here we have a “challenge” with zero monetary compensation, yet still one or two take it so seriously! Why??? LOL here too.

    I just broke my distance record for a week, I think, and there’s still a day left. So, er, thanks Organiser Dude. Again!

    Saw a couple of posts from people who have lost tens of pounds already….. way to go peeps! Inspiration to us all. Keep it up….. or do I mean down? Whatever, keep going, and keep running!!!

  38. Zolla

    I got it.. now it makes more sense 🙂
    Thanks for the info!

  39. The Ambler

    Would love to join the July beginner’s challenge…I’m hoping to average 12-15 miles per week. My nike ID is The Ambler.

  40. #15231

    @Zolla: the first two that were past the weekly cap were still within the challenge because I actually do have a life beyond Nike+ 😉 I was gone climbing for a couple hours just now. All this being a one man show it usually takes till I get back to check the progress of everybody to enforce the cap. hope this makes sense 🙂
    as to the greyed out names: if you check above you’ll see a per second precise calculation of how far you are allowed to run, were you to run continuously 24/7. Basically it gives a visual estimate of whether you are above or below the allowed distance as of now. Given that I won’t kick until you exceed the weekly cap, this has more informational value.

  41. Zolla

    I’m really enjoying the challenge, I’ts not so easy to reach 20 miles/week for a beginner, but I’m trying..
    You’re motivating my runs 🙂
    I got a question:
    Why the first 14 has grayed and the number is in bracket, and why the first 2 who has passed the week cap are still in the top of the list?
    I’ have looked for a legend that explains to me this, but I didn’t found 😀
    Thanks and keep up the great job!!!

  42. Rob

    I would like to join, my Nike ID is RLBB and i run approx 20K a week, but hoping to take this to 30K. thanks

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