Klettern auf Mallorca

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[exzo url=”” title=”Steinmännching guarding the way”]malle2012_0001.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”HP climbing »Pin« (6b, VII) in »El Calo de Betlem«”]malle2012_0002.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Anne climbing »Pin« (6b, VII) in »El Calo de Betlem«”]malle2012_0003.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”My attempt on »Pon« (7b+, IX-/IX) in »El Calo de Betlem«”]malle2012_0004.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Anne on-sighting »Es pasto« (6b+, VII/VII+) in »El Calo de Betlem«”]malle2012_0005.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Rest day in Palma de Mallorca”]malle2012_0006.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Getting lost on our way to »La Creveta«”]malle2012_0007.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Biggi’s second run of »Baba« (4+, V+) in »La Creveta« “]malle2012_0008.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”HP working his way up »Hyperion« (6a, VI+)”]malle2012_0009.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Flashing another Top50 called »Récords de Bunyola« (6a+, VII-) in »La Creveta«”]malle2012_0010.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Survived yet another amazing day”]malle2012_0011.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”a play of shadows in the mountains of Mallorca”]malle2012_0012.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Having fun after a fabulous day of climbing the crag at »La Creveta«”]malle2012_0013.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Gorgeous Mallorca”]malle2012_0014.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”The first meters of »Ebam« (4+, V+) in »Tijuana«”]malle2012_0015.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Sebb’s free solo of the »Colesterol Party« (6a+, VII-) in »Tijuana« (notice the sandals!)”]malle2012_0016.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”The amazing wall of »Tijuana« and HPs attempt on the »Colesterol Party« (6a+, VII-)”]malle2012_0017.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”The tough start of the »Colesterol Party« (6a+, VII-) in »Tijuana«”]malle2012_0018.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Biggis first lead climb of this week in »Pasión Oculta« (4+, V+) in »S’estret«”]malle2012_0019.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”The crux of »Pasión interminable« (4+, V+) in »S’estret«”]malle2012_0020.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Climbing »Quarried Wall» (5+, VI) in »S’estret«”]malle2012_0021.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”” title=”Biggi climbing »Quarried Wall» (5+, VI) in »S’estret«”]malle2012_0022.jpg[/exzo]

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