[Nike+] June Beginners Challenge

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Feel free to leave any comments / trash talk below. You’re first post to this blog needs to be authorised (to avoid spam bot entries), so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up right away. Any further comment (once the first is approved) will be on instantaneously. cheers, -tmb ps: It’d be nice if you could use your Nike+ nick here as well, so we know who’s talking 😉 pps: here is a quick and dirty tutorial on how to accept challenges.
  • zeroth: sign on to Nike+
  • first: select “My Runs” => “CHALLENGES”
  • second: select “Pending” challenges
  • third: “ACCEPT” the challenge
  • pending challenges

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    1. #16722

      Hey, my data is not refreshed!! What is happening?

      These days I have kids on safe and we can run more… Very nice to run around coast in seaside…

      Regards to all runners,


    2. Daxoo

      I’m offering you my help for anything you might need, I’ve a lot of free time.

      Contact me via my email please.


    3. #14623

      I’ve only invited those who who reapplied for it. last month I got to many “pending” users by reinviting everyone from may. But I sent you an invite, so you should be back on board! Looking forward to another great month.

    4. Daxoo

      I will do my best in the next one if there is one, I didn’t received any invitation yet.

      If I still improve like I did in the last month, I will probably be kiked out which is my goal to be promote as an intermediate runner.


    5. Daxoo

      Thank you, for your information I had a lot of fun, and I’m improving really fast, I’m almost adicted, it was only suggestion but I know they should be adress to the Nike+ programmer. I though maybe you have access to them as an organiser, and your challenge are really the most original I’ve run into, with your web page and merging so many small group challenge into a big one.


      I was simply desapointed because I was miss informe be the Nike+ web site, they write that the challenge end at 10pm and it was over before that time.

      Noting personal with you.

      Keep going your wonderful job.


    6. #14557

      Hey Daxoo,
      everybody’s got the same amount of time to run the challenge. my being in what you president called “the old Europe”, the challenges started 00:00 June 1st and Ended 23:59 July 30th CET. I can’t modify those times as they are given by the Nike+ System. Time zone are tricky in global challenges, I’m sorry you had to find out in this challenge.
      hope you still had some fun,

    7. Daxoo

      It would be nice if we could have some extra time after the end of the challenge to sync our last run, like 24h. just a suggestion.

    8. Daxoo

      wow! I just notice that my last post was written on the 30 June at 22h20 EST and it’s stamp 1 july at 4h20 we have 6h deffirence what is you time zone? that is probably the reason, but it would be nice if we could see the time zone on the Nike+ web site, I know you do not have anyting to do with it but maybe you can talk with some guy at nike about it as a organiser.


      P.S. I’m not sure I should write those issue here but I did.

    9. Daxoo

      I don’t understand???? on my nike+ web page it was writting, that the challenge end up today a 10pm, and when I got home at 9h45pm the challenge was already completed, so my run of this morning could not be registred, whit that run I would be first insted of 2nd.

      Also I only sleep 5h last nigh to run this morning and it’s not regestred, I’m really desapointed. can you explain my how it work, if we do a challenge for the month it should be for the full month at less. Start on 1st of the month at 00h00am and finish on the last day of the month at 11h59pm.

      Thank and keep doing your fantastik work.


    10. Dssaab

      I don’t see my name anywhere on this list. I thought I was competing in this challenge. Could you help, please? Thanks!

    11. gsavoir

      Sorry to see that I got kicked off. Best luck to the rest of the guys, you realy kept me motivated to run every day.

      Just as a comment, I have been running only for 2 months and deffenetly consider myself a beginer. Maby it would be good to widen the accepted margin. If you decide to do so please send me an invite.

    12. #13672

      Wanted to be added to a challenge. I am def. a beginner. Just did my 1st 5K this past weekend and I think the Pavement I was running on was moving faster than I was. Just let me know. Thank you.

    13. GAlexander


      First, the challenge has really helped me. I have never done 20 miles/week on my own. Is there a cap for the last two days of the challenge. If the last check is June 28 I was just curious on what the overall cap for the challenge was since it ends on June 30? Once again, thanks for doing this.

    14. #13334

      @Pat_UK: catching up is specifically encouraged. So give it your best. As to the definition of the week: the cap always count’s the the 7th, 14th, 21st and so on. So the next one would be the 28th with 128k being the current max till then.

    15. Pat_UK

      tmb – is the max distance for this challenge based on 30 days or 30 days +1?

    16. Pat_UK

      Hi tmb – as I joined this challenge after the beginning of June is it OK if I exceed 32km this/next week as long as I don’t exceed the current max? And is the weekly limit as per my local definition of a week (in my case starting on Mondays)?

    17. #13038

      Yeeeaaahhh, Kicked, wow!

    18. #12784

      chelsea1968; I’m so glad to hear, that you are recovering that well. you are save this week see keep running! don’t let this challenge hinder you! It was always supposed to be a motivator for ppl that would never be able to reach 20mi a week. as for the next step – just check the nike+ forum. I’m not organising any intermediate challenges, but there are plenty out there. have fun and happy running!

    19. chelsea1968

      hi tmb i think i am getting periously close to being booted, this is only my second month running after being injured for a year, however my average daily mileage has increased from next to nothing to where I am now. This will be my last beginner challenge if you know of any that are good that are the next step up I would be very grateful. Cheers for the motivation great site ! Hope I can stay in for June.


    20. mick scaife

      please sign me up, my nike+ ID is mpscaife.