[Nike+] May Beginners Challenge

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Kicked non-beginners

* Mikey B * Markierun hodgesjoe skybug74 BootsFM atreu akuma758
B-Rant CJF porscha ddzm1 CMED arepapati sportivo
derosky Koisheit Denise T zsolesz vincenzo ladyczymbor mviger1
supermac Paddy T Carlie amengar KJay201 Flo63 Starsie
accpk1 rambomarv BURNHARD AndrewMeli vicmeza blueshots lovesponge
elbertc ~Arlene~ theArchitec tomi82 Makana5233 Jen A nkfm
MrLebowski Miles! Duels javierramos tuerk jstmart pamelaschm
Wvit kobold Frederica Yvonne74 JonnyRay Wilm72 Molly&dog
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Jendog wstcoastgirl VickiT tuatara2 Agentoft1 fabian17 reinman
PreacherKid DustyDeen GHFLETCH howiegroov Stockholmwi fyrdmnd njmillward
Tomplotz muppets4 plauto Delaluna Maestro Trota AfroKore
jon555 DrTimFouts mLkush John J Ambyr Panzzero torniv
Jeff_Leonor JustJo Lekirunner D.J.KAEHA Kindaichi goldfinger bsiu96
Baschtl Foppe Kindaichi Sharonstep mthack Ving_Diesel Rudeo
ViciousLee RoxyM flyby angelzam asanike ValeryM Bonefish Bob
jeroenv oli4 runner Joe Billy Joe Geetha Gruns Ronaldo.rsiq
Grazza Quique Anitajane StephenC121 sedonasam Rabano BobbyCasper
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Feel free to leave any comments / trash talk below. You’re first post to this blog needs to be authorised (to avoid spam bot entries), so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up right away. Any further comment (once the first is approved) will be on instantaneously. cheers, -tmb ps: It’d be nice if you could use your Nike+ nick here as well, so we know who’s talking 😉 pps: here is a quick and dirty tutorial on how to accept challenges.
  • zeroth: sign on to Nike+
  • first: select “My Runs” => “CHALLENGES”
  • second: select “Pending” challenges
  • third: “ACCEPT” the challenge
  • pending challenges

    208 Responses [Umgekehrte Reihenfolge]

    1. atiner

      Please send me an email so I cna email user name and password so I can be bold

    2. #9630

      @Kalu: I sent you an eMail 🙂

    3. #9627

      @tmb: hey! Is there any way to contact with you (but not here)? I’d like to ask you somethinh by e-mail but I don’t have your address…

    4. ibmike


      hi folks: should anyone of you be a member of “studiVz” (those you are know what I’m talking about) –> you’d be welcomed in the group “Nike + IPod – Lauf mit mir um die Wette !”.
      We’re currently looking for some more folks to join our teamChallenge (reach 222 km together).


    5. #9422

      @Koalalou: as mentioned before, no kicks anymore. as for “winners” … the nike+ flash thingy will issued a trophy for anyone winning their subchallenge. I’ll probable announce the overall winner as well and maybe put some graphical item for him together. but than again, that was never the intention of these challenges.

    6. Koalalou

      So now we are into the final stretch I am guessing those at the top in grey won’t be kicked?? Is there an overall winner or one for each challenge group, not that I am hoping to be one, just curious??

      Thanks for the challenge again, really got me motivated or is that obsessed??

    7. #9236

      @chelsea1968: hey mark, don’t worry! I decided not to kick after the third week. anybody that’s been patient enough to run below his level to kick it up now deserves the victory. And I’m glad that people get better by these challenges, because that’s what they are for! So pump it up and run all you got! I’m sure going to try to catch you – but as the weather is getting better, I spend most of the time either climbing or playing beach volleyball (most days doing both ;). Maybe I’ll get up early enough these days to do some morning runs?

    8. chelsea1968

      Hi TMB thanks for setting up this challenge it really has motivated me to start running consistently and regularly. I am not bothered about coming first, however please dont kick me off this challenge. My distances have just increased by running daily and having this as a challenge. I will next month look for the next goal, thanks again for doing this. Mark