Dieses Wochenende haben wir die letzte Gelegenheit dieser Saison wahrgenommen und haben einen Eiskletterkurs bei Volker mit gemacht. Hier ein paar Eindrücke davon.

[exzo url=”http://gallery.vimagic.de/Climbing/2006-03-11/” title=”Eisklettern am Wasserfall” id=”image72″]eisklettern01.jpg[/exzo]
[exzo url=”http://gallery.vimagic.de/Climbing/2006-03-11/” title=”Koch-ACTION” id=”image73″]eisklettern02.jpg[/exzo]

One Response [Umgekehrte Reihenfolge]

  1. Miley

    I don’t understand what have written above this photos. I just admire the photos that were posted above. I like mountain climbing or even wall climbing. Actually, any activity will excite me especially if it promise a maximum adventure. Just by looking the photo I do imagine myself being there. For sure that will be fun. It is not easy ofcourse but I am sure I will love the experience. Thank you for sharing this post.