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Cloud-O-Google Queries is a filter to display keyword clouds based on search engine queries.


I guess I’m just curious by nature. After installing Anders Holte Nielsens Counterize plug-in, I noticed quite a few google query hits. I wanted to know which keywords led people to my site. I did a quick search but couldn’t find somethink like I had in mind (Update: A reader pointed out, that there is a plugin called Search Phrases, which has a slightly more minimalistic aim). Since Counterize keeps track of the referer, it was just a matter of applying some regular expressions and preparing a tag-like keyword heat cloud, which we’ve all gotten used to.


This is quite a simple filter. There’s two ways to use it: function call [for use in templates]
   <?php if(function_exists(cloogooq)) cloogooq(keywords); ?>
   <?php if(function_exists(cloogooq)) cloogooq(phrases); ?>

token filter [for use in posts]
Either way will generate one of these two keyword clouds below. The first one disassembles the search string and counts each word for it’s one. The second phrase cloud leaves search strings intact – just like they got entered by the user.
Last 2000 Keywords (with >3 hits)
1:28g ¤ 2.8 ¤ 500d ¤ 6.1 ¤ 70-200 ¤ af-s ¤ allgäu ¤ alpspitz ¤ alpspitze ¤ alte ¤ anita ¤ arco ¤ beamer ¤ biberkopf ¤ bilder ¤ blog ¤ blog.vimagic.de ¤ boulder ¤ bouldern ¤ chuckjonard ¤ city ¤ cloogooq ¤ cloud ¤ cluster ¤ d200 ¤ data ¤ den ¤ display ¤ einkaufsliste ¤ exif ¤ exzo ¤ finale ¤ for ¤ foto ¤ für ¤ gallery ¤ gelb ¤ gimpel ¤ google ¤ header ¤ hindelanger ¤ hochwiesler ¤ how ¤ höhle ¤ if-ed ¤ image ¤ ipccp ¤ jenga ¤ kef ¤ kg-weg ¤ kletterhalle ¤ kletterhallen ¤ klettern ¤ klettersteig ¤ klosterbibliothek ¤ kroatien ¤ leichte ¤ lightbox ¤ ligure ¤ map ¤ marathon ¤ meer ¤ nextgen ¤ nike ¤ nikeplus ¤ nikkor ¤ nikon ¤ nordwand ¤ normalweg ¤ panorama ¤ photo ¤ php ¤ picture ¤ plugin ¤ plugins ¤ queries ¤ random ¤ rot ¤ routen ¤ schieb ¤ search ¤ segeln ¤ show ¤ sierra ¤ spl ¤ spl-1200r ¤ strip ¤ südwand ¤ tal ¤ tannheimer ¤ tequila ¤ topo ¤ track ¤ ulm ¤ ulmer ¤ velodyne ¤ via ¤ wal ¤ weebot ¤ weg ¤ wiblingen ¤ wildspitz ¤ wordpress ¤ xq40 ¤ zoom ¤ zoom-nikkor ¤ 236 ¤ 695 ¤ 1000 ¤ 2000 ¤ 4476 ¤
Phrases (with >3 hits)
af-s vr zoom-nikkor 70-200 ¤ af-s vr zoom-nikkor 70-200 mm 1:28g if-ed ¤ alpspitze kg weg ¤ blog ¤ blog.vimagic.de ¤ chuckjonard ¤ cloogooq ¤ exif plugin wordpress ¤ exif wordpress ¤ exzo ¤ exzo wordpress ¤ finale ligure klettern ¤ for ¤ gimpel ¤ gimpel klettern ¤ gimpel normalweg ¤ gimpel südwand ¤ google ¤ google queries ¤ hindelanger klettersteig ¤ if-ed ¤ ip based plugin wordpress ¤ kef xq40 ¤ kletterhalle ulm ¤ kletterhallen in ulm ¤ klettersturz ¤ klosterbibliothek wiblingen ¤ laufliga ¤ marathon vorbereitung ¤ nike ¤ nikkor 70-200 ¤ nikon 70-200 ¤ picture ¤ random background in wordpress ¤ runninbudha9 ¤ search cloud für wordpress google ¤ segeln ¤ segeln in kroatien ¤ segeln kroatien ¤ sierra tequila picture ¤ strip jenga ¤ ulm kletterhalle ¤ ulmer ¤ velodyne ¤ weebot 6.1 ¤ wordpress exif ¤ zoom ¤ 236 ¤ 254 ¤ 695 ¤ 890 ¤ 1000 ¤ 2000 ¤ 4476 ¤


As mentioned earlier, this is rather a plug-in plug-in. Apart from your WordPress blog, you’ll need to have some way to track traffic on your site (more specifically you need some sql-table with your referer history. See FAQ below for some more discussion on that point). The plugin has been positively test with the following statistics databases (please keep reporting):
  » Counterize
  » Counterize II (prior to version 2.13) []
  » Search Phrases []
  » SlimStat
  » StatTrack


Setup itself is the usual 1-2-3 of downloading, expanding into /wordpress/wp-content/plugins and activating. Before using the plugin you should make sure, that the correct table name is entered in the options page /wp-admin/options-general.php?page=cloogooq.php. The default value is wp_Counterize, but especially when using another statistics plugin, you might have to change that (as well as the key name which is referer by default).

Further Options

Apart from the Counter Table and Referer field you’ll have some the following options to modify the desired output:
  » Linking of keywords []
  » Sorting of keywords []
  » Scaling of keywords []
  » Minimal Font Size
  » Minimal Font Size
  » Minimal Keyword Hits required
  » Minimal Phrase Hits required
  » Minimum Characters per Keyword []
  » Always include numbers []
  » Minimal Font Size
  » Minimal Font Color
  » Maximal Number Of Items []
  » Maximal Font Size
  » Maximal Font Color
  » % Line Height []
  » Separator []
  » Space prior []
  » Space after []
  » Exclude List []
  » Include List []


This WordPress plug is released under the GPL and is provided with absolutely no warranty (as if?). For support leave a comment and we’ll see what the community has to say.

Download [v1.00.0]

CloOGooQ.zip [9.074 byte]


Q: I keep getting the [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Referers » name ?] error, whats wrong?
A: There’s a couple possibilities. First of all you should check, that you have v0.b5.4 or higher. Then you should double check that you have the correct table/key-name set in the CloOGooQ preference panel. Also check the limiter settings (they may be to high if it’s a fresh blog).

Q: How about other search site queries?
A: CloOGooQ currently looks for "q=" matches in the referer-string. Hence any search engine using this notation will be counted (which in my eyes is the majority). Other search engines using query= or qkw= or any such string are [currently] being ignored. A: As of version v0.b4.4 CloOGooQ is able to handle pretty much any search engine. The user may now enter any search engine key he thinks worthy of attention. The most common ones in my blog are: q=, as_q=, p=, query=, qkw=, key=, su=. If you have other search engines referring to you site, just enter the appropriate key in the list provided in the options panel. Be ware of faulty or double entries, they may seriously mess up your keyword clouds.

Q: How about compatibility to my so-much-better™ statistics plugin?
A: CloOGooQ will work with any statistics plugin that keeps track of the referer.


Seems like you can get WP-Cumulus to work with CloOGooQ:
You have to highly limit the number of keywords but otherwise it works just fine :)

103 Responses [Umgekehrte Reihenfolge]

  1. Amigos


    i tried a lot of times to include that script into my own sidebar.

    but i get everytime the same message.

    sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Keywords » keyword ?]

    iread all informations above this page, but it doesn’t work.

    what can i do next?


  2. Amigo

    i read all instuctions but i dont knwo why it doesnt work.

    i get everytime the sam emessage. sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Referers » name ?].

    i check the sql database and there are a lot keywords in the keyword table.

    but how can i use this?

  3. #77705

    Hey Tim,

    this is stuff i’ve done 2yrs ago, so i had to check. think all i’ve done is modify the tagcloud in cumulus:

    $WpClooGooQ = new WpClooGooQ();
    #print "DEBUG".urldecode($tagcloud)."END DEBUG";

    this should go into the »wp_cumulus_createflashcode(...)« function

    if you need more help, let me know.

  4. Tim


    Great plugin!

    But how do I get WP-Cumulus to work with CloOGooQ? (experimental example)

    Would be great!
    (I know some php, so if you give me some clues I think I’ll manage)

  5. Clegane

    Hey Tmb, that’s an awesone plugin, really nice to use.
    I have a question / suggestion though : tell me if i’m wrong, but this plugin generates a cloud based on all the referer queries for the whole site.
    Would it be possible to have a cloud for each pages, depending on referer queries for each pages ?
    My goal would be to show the queries users have used for each individual pages of my blog

    That would be awesome


  6. #67882

    I solved problem with Counterize II error is id. Counterize II id is diffrent my version try this
    Referer field name:name
    Counter table name:wp_Counterize_Referers

    it is work 😉

  7. #67823

    Hey Fernando,

    this is my setup:


  8. #67820

    “sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_gwj_searchphrases » referer ?] ”

    What i can do? the tables are working fine.

    What a put in Unique ID name? just ID?

    Great plugin


  9. #67704

    hey mrburns,

    is “ikru_” the prefix for all your databases? you probably don’t need it then. try without it.


  10. mrburns


    im using the Cloogooq plugin with Counterize II.. and its saying sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: ikru_Counterize_Referers » name ?]..

    i put ‘ikru_Counterize_Referers’ on Counter table name AND ‘name’ on the Referer field name, then ‘ikru_Counterize_Pages’ and ‘url’ for the Local Counter table name and Url field name..

    there is an entry in the DB.. any clues why?

  11. #55509

    Mmm, how to find out?

  12. #55290

    well – do you *have* any queries in your database?

  13. #55272

    Still not working..

    sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Referers » name ?]

    Anything else I can do wrong?

    These are all my settings:


  14. #55178

    hmmm, it means:

    Counter table name: wp_Counterize_Referers
    Referer field name: name
    Local Counter table name: wp_Counterize_Pages
    Url field name: url

    i’m not sure on the id, try “id” or ask the developer of Counterize II

    Unique ID name: id

  15. #55176

    Thanks for the fast responding..
    But I don’t understand that “[Table/Key: “wp_Counterize_Referers”/”name”, Local Table/Key: “wp_Counterize_Pages”/”url”]” ..
    Where do I have to put “wp_Counterize_Referers” ect?
    At the moment i’ve put it like this: http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/9171/erggco7.jpg

    Include Local Searches:
    Counter table name: xxxxx Local Counter table name: xxxxx
    Referer field name: xxxxx Url field name: xxxxx
    Unique ID name: xxxxx


  16. #55171

    hey silvan,

    you should change the entries to the values you see under Requirements
    » Counterize II [Table/Key: “wp_Counterize_Referers”/”name”, Local Table/Key: “wp_Counterize_Pages”/”url”]


  17. #55167

    I like the plugin, but I can’t get it work..
    I have this error message:
    “sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize » referer ?]”
    I’m using the newest WP, counterizeII and the newest version of this plugin..
    I think I have done something wrong with the “» SQL TABLE & KEY NAMES”
    Check here -> http://img100.imageshack.us/img100/9171/erggco7.jpg
    I hope someone can help me?

  18. esto

    Hey there, thanks for your great and fast work. Nicely done and a pleasure to work with (both with the plugin and with TMB).
    Helped a lot!

  19. #52225

    Hey everyone with the [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Referers » name ? error – I’ve uploaded a new version (0.b5.4)) which should address this error.

  20. #52127

    Hey Thomas,

    habe mir mal Gedanken gemacht, wie wir dem Problem näher kommen können. Könntest Du mal bitte zu Analysezwecken die “function cloogooq_getQueries($table,$key,$qs,$id,$limit)” (Zeilen 772 folgende) durch diese ersetzen?

    function cloogooq_getQueries($table,$key,$qs,$id,$limit)	{
       if($limit>0 && $id!='')	{
          $sql = 'SELECT '.$id.','.$key.' FROM '.$table.' WHERE '.$key.' LIKE '."'%".$qs."%'";
          $wpdb =& $GLOBALS['wpdb'];
          if(DEBUGGING)	{echo $sql."=>".count($wpdb->get_results($sql))."
    \n";} return $wpdb->get_results($sql); } else { $sql = 'SELECT '.$key.' FROM '.$table.' WHERE '.$key.' LIKE '."'%".$qs."%'"; $wpdb =& $GLOBALS['wpdb']; if(DEBUGGING) {echo $sql."=>".count($wpdb->get_results($sql))."
    \n";} return $wpdb->get_col($sql); } }

    Insbesondere habe ich da den “echo …” Befehl ergeführt, der danach eine ähnliche Ausgabe wie hier liefern sollte:

    SELECT id,url FROM wp_Counterize WHERE url LIKE '%s=%' => 1266
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&q=%' => 3400
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?q=%' => 3043
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&as_q=%' => 3
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?as_q=%' => 23
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&p=%' => 15
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?p=%' => 116
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&query=%' => 4
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?query=%' => 3
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&qkw=%' => 0
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?qkw=%' => 0
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&key=%' => 0
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?key=%' => 0
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&su=%' => 1
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?su=%' => 1
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&filter=%' => 10
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?filter=%' => 525
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&w=%' => 112
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?w=%' => 1
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&s=%' => 40
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?s=%' => 331

    Das sind die Datenbanken-Abfragen zusammen mit der Anzahl der Ergebnisse. Sieht das bei Dir ähnlich aus?

  21. #52122

    Fantastic plugin! But … I can’t get it to work for me.
    Is there a solution to the problem of Rirath (in 12) and Hitec? I have exactly the same thing.
    I’m using Counterize II and the latest WordPress release and your freshly downloaded Plugin.
    I’m getting this: sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize_Referers » name ?], with no results, while when I’m doing a manual SQL query I get lots of correct results.
    Any suggestions?

  22. #41886

    hey robert,

    have you read the requirements? which plug are you using to track your stats?


  23. #40800

    i installed the plugin for the site http://deliciousproxy.info
    I am getting errors (see below)

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,url FROM wp_Counterize WHERE url LIKE '%s=%'

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&array%'

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?array%'

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&s=%'

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%?s=%'
    sorry - no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize » referer ?]

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,url FROM wp_Counterize WHERE url LIKE '%s=%'

    WordPress database error: [Table 'deliciousproxywp.wp_Counterize' doesn't exist]
    SELECT id,referer FROM wp_Counterize WHERE referer LIKE '%&array%'

    i am hosted on Dreamhost and using the wordpress 2.2.1 version.

    thanks for the plugin.

  24. #27148

    Hello tmb and thank you for this great plugin! -been looking for something like this quite a while.

    On my useless keyword-testing site I put it up at
    – to see how it performs and what happens.

    After a few hits it stopped working, I changed all the settings back and forth, table connection is ok – it just puts out some of the first search-queries in the database..?

    The only thing I changed within the plugin was this at the ouput for “case `locally`” – for having a different anchor-text:

    $cgq_STRING.='<a>pluginURL.'?s='.$urlkey.'" title="Anleitung für '.$urlkey.' " style="font-size:'.$font_size.'px; color:#'.$COLORS[$WORD_COLOR_ARRAY[$key]].';">'.$key.'</a>';

    But even changing this back to the “original” didn´t change the behaviour.

    Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks again for the plugin!

    Beste Grüße 😉

  25. #27143

    Thank you for plugin

  26. #21530

    Good luck on the plugin development, I’m looking forward to an even better cloud :) I’ll try to look into the character encoding-issue, and post here if I find anything that might be of help.

    Again, thanks for a great plugin! Have a nice day :)

  27. #21392

    Hey Eivind,

    thanks for the feedback. I’m not quite sure where there character encoding confusion comes from. all the german umlauts seem to work fine. do you know, which character encoding is used by firestats?
    as for you suggestion: great idea. I’ve put them on the to-do list. currently i’m busy with other projects, but I’ll get around implementing that eventually. thanks again for the input!


  28. #20972

    Hi! I’m struggeling to make the plugin read the slimstat table, it only returns a tiny fraction of the search terms I get when I do a manual SQL.

    I’ve now set it up to work with FireStats, and it works perfectly:

    The only problem now is the handling of norwegian characters. I do a manual SQL, and get this:

    | 73 | http://aleksandersen.net/media/forbyr kallenavn på nettet

    Does that mean that the record is corrupted already at Firestat-level, or is there anything I can do to get it right? Firestats displays the characters correctly, so I suppose it’s gotta be possible.

    Oh, and if you’d like suggestions to improvements: If you could override the default settings on the various settings, that would be cool. For instance, a gigantic search term cloud might look good in its own entry, but gets too crowdy in the sidebar. If we could specify things like that in the php or snippet code, that would be nice :)

    Anyways, thanks for a nice plugin!

    Best regards,
    Eivind M.

  29. #16006

    Franto, just change the ID in the appropriate field in the Cloogooq prefs.

  30. #16004

    Can I change ID field? Im using CGRef plugin, and there is no ID field, just visitID, and it seems, I cant change ID field… CanI change it somehow?

    Please I need it, your plugin seems great, but I dont want instal new stats plugin :)

  31. #15771

    hey julia,
    danke für die entwarnung. ist schon komisch – dachte nicht, dass die neue version des plugins andere php voraussetzungen hat. aber wer weiss, was da kaputt war…

  32. #15769

    Entwarnung! Es lag tatsächlich am Server. Nach dem Umzug klappt es jetzt wieder. Der einzige Unterschied ist allerdings meiner Meinung nach, dass jetzt php5 unterstützt wird.

  33. #15318

    tmb — Thanks for the response! In search phrase mode, when I remove the trailing ‘,’ from the search strings, only one phrase is returned. The others that you saw when you looked at my page show up when I add it back (the phrase is “wind correction procedure turn”, if that’s relevant). I switched to keyword mode, and just the words “correction” and “procedure” are returned. I added the trailing ‘,’ back, and those results are on my page now.

    I did a google search, and I don’t think “q=guy under bus” returns anything real. In the database, there isn’t an actual search string “q=q=guy under bus” or something similar. I think it’s possibly a parsing error? Especially since both “guy under bus” and “q=guy under bus” are returned by the plugin. This search doesn’t show up when I use keyword mode, which is also interesting.

    Running the query “SELECT id FROM wp_slim_stat WHERE referer LIKE ‘%q=%'” returns about 54 rows, so the data is there, it’s just not being picked up for some reason.


  34. #15289

    Jein, ich habe zwischendurch ein anderes Plugin installiert, aber auch ein Deaktiveren macht keinen Unterschied.
    Es kann sein, dass meine WP-Installation und Datenbank nicht ganz feherfrei sind. Ich werde demnächst umziehen auf einen anderen Server und alles neu aufsetzen. Wenn dann das Problem immer noch auftritt melde ich mich wieder.
    Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung :-)

  35. #15141

    hmm – die neue 2.2.1 habe ich noch nicht installiert. war das Deine letzte Änderung?

    ps: speichern der einstellungen sollte nicht zu problemen führen…

  36. #15140

    Ja, die 0.5.3 hat erst funktioniert, das ist ja das frustrierende. Allerdings meine ich mich zu erinnern, dass ich nach dem Upgrade die Einstellungen nicht mehr aktualisiert habe und es evtl. daran liegen könnte. Am WE habe ich nämlich einiges Einstellungen geändert.

    Aber es kommt noch schlimmer: als ich das Plugin heute nochmal versuchsweise aktivieren wollte, ging das gar nicht, weil die neue WP-Schutzroutine das verhinderte mit “Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.”

    Kann das evtl. an der neuesten WP-Version 2.2.1 liegen?

  37. #15027

    @Julia: schön mal wieder was von Dir zu hören. eine Frage: hat die v0.5.3 bei Dir nun noch funktioniert? So wie ich das verstanden hab, ging es eine zeitlang, dann aber seid dem WE nicht mehr?

  38. #15015

    Oh es hat soooo lange funktioniert und seit dem Wochenende geht es nicht mehr!
    Ich nutze den Filter auf meiner Statistik-Seite. Erst gab es lauter SQL-Fehler auf der Seite (irgendwas mit Spalte id nicht gefunden oder so – habe die Fehlermeldung leider nicht mehr). Mittlerweile erscheint die Seite nicht mehr, wenn ich das Plugin aktiviere.
    Das komische an der Sache ist, dass ich mir dieses Verhalten nicht erklären kann. Ich konnte es auf keine Unverträglichkeit mit einem anderen Plugin zurückführen.
    Das Einzige ist evtl, dass ich nach der Aktualisierung auf die letzte Version (mit der Zusatzoption “letzte n Suchbegriffe”) die Einstellungen nicht mehr gespeichert habe. Und am WE dann doch.
    Ist es möglich, dass da der Fehler liegt? Die SQL-Fehlermeldung hatte ja auch was mit der id zu tun, die für diese Abfrage verwendet wird.

  39. #15029

    @cjk: hey mate – thanks for the feedback. let’s see if we get this working. I’ve checked you page and noticed, that you are running the plug in the “search phrase” – are you experiencing the same problems when you have it running in the keyword-mode? also, could you post the entry which matches the ” q=guy under bus” entry? I’ve never seen that behaviour of where it keeps the referrer query string…

    update you may want to get rid of the final comma in your query list strings (though I don’t know whether that’s causing the problem). It should look something like this:


  40. #14748

    I’m using this with slimstat. On the options page, I have this for the query strings: “q=,query=,” (no quotes, of course), but I’m still getting results that don’t include these strings. Also, I get some duplicated results from the plugin, where it shows “search term phrase” along with “q=search term phrase”. Also, the slimstats referer column has many many search queries, but only a handful show up with the plugin. I set a limit of 200 search terms on the options page, so I expect to see more. Has anyone seen errors like these? Any help would be much appreciated! It would be a very cool plugin if I could get it working.

  41. #5048

    Hey Olle,
    I guess we have to figure out, how the characters are encoded in Slim-Stat. When using Counterize, the order of
    first UTF-decoding
    secondly URL-decoding
    is correct. otherwise I get all kinds of funny characters. You can see in my case it works (see Wüstendorferkamin and others above). To be honest, this font-encoding is always a big pain in the butt. Maybe it would help, if you have a quick look at the Slim-Stat source to figure out, how they are stored in the SQL-database?

  42. #5020

    I’ve finally collected enough searches to be able to use this plugin. Unfortunately I have problems with inernational characters even in v0.b5.2.

    I’m using Slim-stats as the stats plugins. It seems to have the information URL encoded in the referer field. WordPress is set to “UTF-8” as character set.

    What happens is that I get a question mark circle in Firefox for ä, ä and ö. If I change the charset in Firefox to ISO8859-1 I get the standard UTF-related weird double characters for them instead.

    Looking at the code for the plugin it seems that the search strings are converted into UTF-8 before they are urldecoded. This can’t be of much use, since then the international characters haven’t yet been translated. Although, trying different orders of the decodings and turning them off completely doesn’t seem to help. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be?

  43. #4195

    Thanks for the feedback Olle! I didn’t have the time lately to delve into HiTECs problem. hope that it solves his issue as well.
    cheers and thanks again,

  44. #4193

    I had the same problem with no queries being found until I realised that the option “Search Engine query keys” for some reason just had the word “Array” in it. I copied the list from the FAQ and now it seems to be working properly again.

  45. #3488


    sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_gwj_searchphrases » referer ?]

    i get this error when i manually check the table and its full of search phrases i even did the manual mysql query in the faq that its working perfect … why i still getting this error? Im busting my head to find the error :) since yesterday…

  46. #1979

    This looks interesting as I do have several pages more visited from search results than the others. thanks!

  47. #1822

    Servus Flash,

    I added your Search Plug to the list. Thanks for trying.


  48. #1821

    For external seraches my search phrases-plugin can be used.
    Counter table name: wp_gwj_searchphrases
    Referer field name: referer

  49. #1734

    Cool Plugin.
    Especially the Keyword detection looks interesting.

  50. #1683

    Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!

  51. #1560

    Hey Julia,

    exactly what I did. I also added $urlkey=urlencode($urlkey); for extra good measure in v0.b4.6

    thanks for the feedback,

  52. #1559

    Ah I found it! I added
    in line 230
    and replaced $key with $keyurl in the link.
    That works – even umlauts are no problem any more.

  53. #1558

    Hi there! I’ve been searching for this functionality for a long time – thanks for making this plugin! But I am writing because the new feature in v0.b4.5 (linking of keywords).
    If I choose locally the search only works for keywords and not for phrases. This is because the search query should contain “+” instead of spaces and umlauts should be encoded. The result is that clicking on the link yields no positive results on the search page which is annoying (searching again with the same phrase gets the desired result).
    Any possibility you can fix this shortly? I would be soooo grateful :-) I am no good in PHP and don’t know where to look and what to change in the source code.

  54. #1509

    Hey tmb, glad you’re still tweaking and optimizing this. Thanks man.

  55. #1502

    Servus Walter,
    whats the text-encoding of your sql-table and what’s the text-encoding of your blog-pages? as you can see above, Umlaute seem to work for me (see Südwand and Wüstendorferkamin)… sry, I’m not really into all that text-encoding stuff. I’d first check what’s written in your tables (using a direct sql access via phpMyAdmin or your shell account). If it’s all good there, the Umlaute should be all good in your html-string, at least if your html text encoding can handle them.

  56. Walter


    do you have any idea how to avoid, that Umlaute will be displayed like � ?


  57. Walter

    Forget my last post……
    It works now, was just the setting about miniumum KW.


  58. Walter

    Servus tmb,

    it works now, at least no errors show in the sidebar but also no searchphrases are displayed using


  59. #1496

    Servus Walter,

    I checked the documentation for Counterize II and I guess the table name would be “wp_Counterize_Referers” while the key is “name” For the local search use “ wp_Counterize_Pages with the key “url“.

    hope that helpes,

  60. Walter


    just trying to get it running with counterize II.
    What changes do I have to make in the plugin and the setting for refferer?


  61. #1485

    hello peter, that point was taken. I actually went around and change the code in v0.b4.3 to grab the url string right away. The call for for the ID wasn’t necessary anymore and only used up quite a few SQL calls (one for each entry). Now there’s only one SQL call for search engine queries and one for local searches. This results in a larger memory usage, but guarantees optimal performance. thanks for the pointer.

  62. #1482

    Yes I used the admin interface but still some editing had to be done. For example the plugin would call “SELECT id from” table name. But in Counterize II it is RefererID instead of ID. Like that a couple of changes.

    Also in the cloud, I wanted the space in search phrases to be replaced with ‘+’ as it yields better search results.

  63. #1481

    Yo Peter, you can set the table names and corresponding keys in the preference. check in your wordpress admin panel -> options -> CloOGooQ. Thanks for trying and reporting!

  64. #1479

    Great Plugin, though I had to work on it as I am using Counterize II, instead of Counterize. The table and column names were different and so I had to edit the plugin.

    But atlast installed successfully at http://www.dvdripnews.com

  65. #1460

    @Rirath: thanks for the continuous feedback and suggestions!

  66. #1423

    By the way, I’m running WordPress 2.0.7. Feel free to email me if you’d like to discuss this outside of your comments forum. :)

  67. #1422

    Deactivating and reactivating didn’t seem to help. It does indeed look like it’s not correctly fetching the options.


  68. #1421

    hola Rirath,

    Thanks again for the trail run. Due to the changed option handling you have to disable/re-enable the plugin. If that doesn’t help, I uploaded a new version (v0.b3.1) where you can activate some more debugging information by setting the global variable in line 32 to “1”. The only time that error occurs if the keyword array is empty which supposedly only happens when we don’t get results from the SQL-query. Here I purposely change the referer key to something wrong:

    sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: wp_Counterize » refere ?]

    DEB::TABLE_NAME::GET_OPTION: wp_Counterize CURRENTLY SET TO: wp_Counterize

    which also makes SQL cry:

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column 'refere' in 'where clause']
    SELECT id FROM wp_Counterize WHERE refere LIKE '%q=%'

    I’ve got a feeling that the options may not be fetched correctly from the wordpress options table (that is, if you truly have name/key entered correctly). Any insights from the debugging information?

  69. #1420

    Hmm, I’m really not sure why but with this new version I’m seeing
    “sorry – no search engine queries found. [wrong or empty table: ?”

    I know the table and field is correct.
    By the way, you may want to reword the option panel for “table name”, it’s pretty confusing.

    “Counter table name:”
    “Referer field name:”

  70. #1399

    @Rirath » I’ve included an "exclude list" in the next version. I also linked the keywords internally.
    @degra » A function call for use in the sidebar will come with v0.b3 tomorrow(ish).
    @Jocelyn » I’ll put that on the to-do list! might be v0.b4 till I get around looking into that though.

    thanks you all for testing and commenting. i’ll just grab a couple hours sleep before I’m back with an update 😉

  71. #1398

    Pretty cool plugin, but why not having it working as sidebar plugin? In a post I dont see the use for it…
    Maybe a suggestion for the future? :)

  72. #1397

    One more question: Would you be able to tell me how to call the function directly so that I could include it in the sidebar?

  73. #1396

    Hey tmp,
    thanks for the plugin, great idea. I guess – as far as I’m able to read the code – this only works if the statistics table is located in the same database as the other wordpress stuff. But what if somebody is using a whole different statistic program which is using an own database? Is there any way to change to code so that the function is getting a connection to another database? That would be useful since I’m using chcounter. I’m no php-pro so I don’t see how to do this – that’s why I’m asking. I’m used to SQL but not to the whole database-connection stuff in php.

    Any help would be great.

    Thank You.

  74. #1395

    Some suggestions for future versions:

    Ability to change font sizes / colors / etc from the admin area.
    Ability to exclude words. (like “and”, “or”, competitors names, spam, or profanity.)

    Link the terms internally to the site, using the site’s search engine instead of Google.
    For example: http://www.google.com/search?q=winamp becomes http://www.twiddlegeek.com/?s=winamp

  75. #1394

    Thanks tmb, that fixed it up. Working great.

    You may want to document that the query also includes: ORDER BY timestamp DESC

    If the counter doesn’t use “timestamp”, that will need to be changed. For example, slimstat uses “dt”.

  76. #1392

    Hey Rirath, sound’s like a text encoding problem. I changed it to Unix/ISO Latin 1. Maybe that solves your problem. Thanks for the feedback.

  77. #1389

    There seems to be a rather serious bug that on the plugin activation page, all I get is a long list of code in the table rather than the actual plugin name / activation entry.

  78. #1388

    Excellent idea! I’m hoping to use this with SlimStat, which should be quite easy with a quick change to “searchterms”.

    Thanks for the plugin.

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