Zugspitze 2012


Title     Serenity
Click to enlarge pictureSerenity
picture by tmb  


Title     Off we go
Click to enlarge pictureOff we go
Off we go
picture by tmb  


Title     Hiking the ravine
Click to enlarge pictureHiking the ravine
Hiking the ravine
picture by tmb  


Title     Gorgeous gorge
Click to enlarge pictureGorgeous gorge
Gorgeous gorge
picture by tmb  


Title     Stairway to heaven
Click to enlarge pictureStairway to heaven
Stairway to heaven
picture by tmb  


Title     The Zugspitze at 6am
Click to enlarge pictureThe Zugspitze at 6am
The Zugspitze at 6am
picture by tmb  


Title     Brett & Leiter
Click to enlarge pictureBrett & Leiter
Brett & Leiter
picture by tmb  


Title     »Jubi« ridge
Click to enlarge picture»Jubi« ridge
»Jubi« ridge
picture by tmb  


Title     Almost there
Click to enlarge pictureAlmost there
Almost there
picture by tmb  


Title     looking down the way we came
Click to enlarge picturelooking down the way we came
looking down the way we came
picture by tmb  


Title     Happy Mointaineers
Click to enlarge pictureHappy Mointaineers
Happy Mointaineers
picture by tmb